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Pam Neal
Fairbanks Ak 99712
home 907.347.4061
Willing to go get dogs, foster, help in any way I can


Randy Herron
Dalton, Georgia
706-271-8963 cell
Willing to ID, pull, transport, foster, vet groom

Gail Johnson
Arab, Al 35016
Willing to Foster Care/ Especially ones needing medical treatment. I am A Veterinary Technician and can get many things done at reduced rates
home 256.586.8906


Doris Snyder
Russellville, AR
479-967-9516 Willing to go get dogs, foster dogs, what ever it takes.


Julie Barnhill
Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue
Phoenix, AZ
home 623.546.3441
Willing to go get dogs, foster, help in any way I can

Marilu Hansen
Phoenix, AZ
VM 888-528-8962


Loree Levy & Morton Schwartz D.V.M.
Northern CA
willing to foster, provide veterinary care, screen, rehome. I work very closely with shelters in Northern CA.
home 408.266.1221 work 408.379.5554

Carol Herd
Southern California ONLY
rescue & adoption
home 714.893.5821

Carie & David Bowers
San Pablo,CA
home 510.237.6730
What you are willing to do. Foster, groom, pickup and delivery.

Dianna Kelley
Woodland, CA (Northern) home 530-662-3573
Willing to ID, pull and transport to vet or foster home.

Tami & Mike Stoller Salida, CA
Willing to foster, drive, evaluate, groom, pick up/delivery.

Andy McGinley
Willing to Vet, transporting, ID, etc Fostering for a short time


Tracy Riley
Cambridge Ontario

Elizabeth Turner
Oakville, ON Canada
Home 905.825.8202
Willing to ID, pull foster, transport. etc.


Carolyn Janak
HT-Z Giant Rescue
home 303.988.6546


Freddi & Mark Mazer
Gaylordsville, CT (30 miles north of Danbury, right over the border from the Pawling/Patterson New York area)
Willing to drive, identify, answer questions, offer visits to a home
home 860.354.8486
work 860.355.1357

Chuck and Agi Johnson
Tariffville, CT
home 860.658.9182

If you would like to help support Giant Rescue and this site we greatly appreciate it!


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