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Given the ever growing countless numbers of Giants living with (and producing) incontinence, epilpesy, auto-immune diseases, hip dysplasia, toe cancer, we thought it would be interesting to see just where so many of these dogs come from with the goal of being able to direct potential new GS owners to responsible breeders who do not breed unhealthy animals repeatedly...

If you do not include your first and last name, working phone number and legitimate address your information will not be used. Anonymous info doesn't do anyone any good. The information on this site is factual and needs to be able to be verified.Please complete the form or we will not use the info.



Auto-immune Producers (3 generation pedigrees)
Epilepsy Producers (3 generation pedigrees)
Hip Dysplasia Producers (3 generation pedigrees)
Incontinence Producers (3 generation pedigrees)
SLO Producers (3 generation pedigrees)
Toe Cancer Producers (3 generation pedigrees)

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How to use this Information

One of the things the information gathered in these surveys is for is to provide new prospective puppy buyers with factual information about who is breeding healthy dogs in our breed and who is not. Based on the information provided on tis site, anyone considering the purchase of a Giant Schnauzer from ANY breeder should ask the following questions:

  • Have you ever produced Hip dysplasia, incontinence, epilepsy, low thyroid, auto-immune?
  • IF so, how long ago and how many dogs have you produced with the disease?
  • What have you done to clear your bloodlines of these diseases?
  • Have you ever bred a litter that you knew would more than likely produce any of these diseases? If so, why?

By the above queston I mean, if you have low thyroid parents, did you breed them knowing they were hypothyroid? or epileptic or incontinent, etc. This would apply to any known disease we know is passed along genetically. If the breeder says yes, then that should be your first clue that this breeder does not consider health to be important and you need to go elsewhere.

You also need to talk with more than one breeder and ask several people if a breeder is legit or breeds healthy dogs before you commit to buy a dog from anyone. Unfortunately, we have WAYYYYYYYY too many back yard breeders and a Giant puppy mill that mass produces Giants by the hundreds each year. Ask the breeder for names and contacts numbers/emails of others who have bought dogs from them so you can speak to them directly as well. DON"T BE AFRAID to ask the breeder questions, especially about health. It could be the difference in having a Giant live a long healthy life or die an early age due to genetic defects and disease. Save yourself the heartache, its worth the extra work on your part.


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