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Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook

These are warning signs to be aware of when purchasing your new or next Giant Schnauzer.

Your Giant Schnauzer breeder might be a puppy mill if...

  • they breed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of puppies each year.
  • they brag about ridiculous numbers of dogs they have titled.
    (for every one show dog there are 8-9 pets from that same litter somewhere )
  • they have a specific day of the week they ship dogs around the country/world
  • they sell to anyone who wants one
  • they deny producing any dogs with genetic health problems
  • they deny the breed has any genetic health issues
  • they deny knowing the breed has any genetic health issues
  • they blame your new puppy's genetic health problem on you for not feeding the dog raw food
  • its not hard to find others who have paid the same fortune for puppies with genetic problems from the same breeder
  • they do not take their own dogs back when the original owner can no longer keep the dog (responsible breeders do take their own back, no matter what)
  • they do not offer to help others who rescue dogs of their breeding
  • they advertise in every dog publication known to mankind
  • they do their own cosmetic surgical procedures
  • they have more dogs in rescue than any other breeder
  • they breed unrecognized colors deliberately
  • they make up names for bad coats and colors to cover repeatedly producing incorrect coats and colors (like that makes it ok if it has a name)
  • every bloodline is polluted with their dogs in it somewhere
  • everyone knows specific medical probs continue to come from the same breeder
  • they tell you whatever you want to hear so you will buy their dogs
  • they always have the right dog for you right on the property, no matter what the age, sex, color or temperment
  • they always have dogs of all ages for sale at any given time
  • they are not respected or recommended by other breeders and owners in the breed or the parent club
  • they do not help pay for all their dogs in rescue around the country
  • they do not screen potential buyers
  • they do not encourage spay/neuter of dogs sold to pet homes
  • they will sell intact bitches to anyone wanting to become a breeder
  • they do nothing to prevent the population explosion
  • they do not make themselves available to you for questions or help in learning about the breed
  • they don't care what happens to the dog once they have your money
  • they do NO genetic testing and make excuse for not doing
  • they blame any genetic diseases they knowingly produce year after year on the owner for any number of reasons
  • they say they can "tell" by looking at a dog they have no genetic diseases,lol

These are warning signs to be aware of when purchasing your new or next Giant Schnauzer. If you can place a name with any of these warning signs then there is a real good possibility that breeder is a puppy mill you need to stay away from.

Don't be fooled by a bunch of dog show lingo, fancy web sites or marketing packets, there are plenty of puppy mills whose dogs do not live in filthy conditions. Anyone who breeds hundreds and hundreds of anything is in it for the money, that should be obvious. Its a business and the dogs are the commodity they deal in. Every breed has them and we have ours, you just need to learn to stay away from these type producers. If you purchase dogs from a mass producer/puppy mill/commercial breeder you are a supporter plain and simple. You either are against puppy mills or you support them. If you support them you can expect to defend your actions in the GS community as the days of turning a blind eye and deaf ear are long gone.

Please do your homework as a new puppy buyer and ask the breeder questions, ask the breeder for names and numbers of others who have bought their dogs, ask if they will be around to help you im the future with questions and information about your puppy. Ask them what genetic problems the breed has, ask them what they are doing to get rid of those probs if they have them in their bloodlines. If they deny there are any then run, don't walk, to another breeder!


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