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Many, many breed parent clubs publish a list of breeders who fail to adhere to the club Code of Ethics for not taking responsibility for the dogs they bring into this world. We have way too many breeders refusing to take dogs they bred back when the owner can no longer keep the dog. This is one of the reasons the numbers of dogs in rescue is escalating. We can't make breeders screen properly or refuse to sell to those who should not have a Giant, but we can publish the names of those who refuse to take responsibility for what they breed, especially when they continue to breed and refuse to take their own back!

If you have contacted a breeder regarding a dog you bought from them, or a dog you found, rescued or rehomed that you you know is out of their lines and they refused to take the dog back, we'd like to know about it for the list ( with comments/excuses) we will permanently publish here.

Obviously, there are circumstances that would prevent a legitimate breeder from taking a dog back on occasion or if the dog is better off not going back to a bad situation as the case with several "breeders" out there, that is not what we are talking about. The info we want is when a breeder who is still actively breeding and producing litters refuses to take their own back.

Just as with the health surveys, this will provide factual information so that the GS community and those hoping to add a GS to their home will have a clear picture of who is responsible and who is not. Do not submit info if the breeder was not contacted.

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Breeder Comments: we would like to know what the breeder said when contacted about taking a dog they bred back. Doesn't matter if you bought the dog directly from the breeder, rescued the dog and know s/he came from their breeding or you bought the dog from someone else but it is that breeders bloodlines. generally the owner of ther dam is conisdered the breeder, however, we feel that the owner of the sire should step up to the plate if the owner of the dam doesn't. It takes two to tango and to agree to bring these puppies into the world!

By submitting this information you you attest to the truthfulness of your answers


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