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OK, so you thought this was going to be the Adoption Application. You need to read this first so you understand where we are coming from regarding our dogs in rescue and how this affects potential adopters.

Due to the number of people exhibiting rude, abusive behavior when told they do not meet our adoption criteria, I would like to remind you that these are OUR dogs. We have spent OUR money on these dogs, we have given OUR time and energy and put OUR own dogs on hold to help other people's dogs that were viewed as disposable. We put OUR very heart and soul into helping this Giants so they know they are loved and happy and don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, or if someone is going to hit them, or throw something at them for trying to find food in the garbage, or being terribly sick.

WE will not place any of OUR dogs in homes that do not meet OUR criteria across the board, or on an individual per dog case. We have requirements that are in place for the safety of OUR dogs that have already been thrown away or dumped at least once, some two and three times. The bottom line is, these are OUR dogs and OUR dogs come first. If someone is not a good match then its simply not going to happen, period. It has nothing to do with you but it has everything to do with OUR dogs!

Arguing with us and telling us you know more about "your situation" than we do is not the point. The point is that WE know OUR dogs and you must meet OUR requirements if you hope to be approved or considered for adoption of one of OUR rescue dogs. If you do not meet OUR criteria, you do not get a dog. And guess what folks... an explanation is not necessary. We can simply say, "we're sorry but you do not meet our criteria at this time" and leave it at that. Or, we can choose to let you know why you do not meet our criteria in an attempt to educate you about our breed. Unfortunately this nearly always results in explosive, rude emails and calls telling us we are arrogant and snobs and we can't tell you what to do with your dogs and blah, blah, blah. The truth is...we CAN and we WILL tell you. If you choose not to meet our requirements then you can just forget ever getting a dog from any of us in Giant rescue! We have 5 Giant rescue groups and we all work together, talk every day and exchange names and info on a daily basis about potential applicants and those who do not meet our criteria. The world of Giants is a small one and we all know each other. We know who is legit and we know who is not so if you are turned down by one group, don't think you can go to another group and be approved, like we wouldn't know you did that.

We all do rescue on a voluntary basis. We do rescue because these dogs would die if we didn't do it. None of us are paid to do rescue.. We all have full time jobs, families, our own dogs and lives but this is our contribution to the breed we love so much. We pick up the pieces of our giant commercial breeder/puppy mill in northern California and the many back yard breeders that have spawned from there all over the country. We nurse their genetic health issues such as incontinence, epilepsy, auto-immune diseases, hypothyroid (which is auto-immune), hip dysplasia, renal failure, cancer, and the list goes on and on. We take them to our vets, we spend our money, we stay up all night with them, we miss work to be with them when they are sick, we are there to help them to the Bridge when they are too sick, or too old and sick, and have been dumped to die in a shelter because "its too cruel to put them to sleep". We treat these rescue dogs as if they are our own and some of you want to argue and tell us we don't know "you" or "your situation" because you didn't meet OUR adoption criteria to get one of OUR dogs??? These dogs deserve the best homes in the world and we will foster them for as long as it takes to get each of our rescue dogs in the best home in the world for each individual dog! We love these dogs as our own and if you don't meet the requirements, its not going to happen, its as simple as that.

I don't believe you write nasty emails or make nasty calls when you have been refused a loan application or a car loan, what makes you think you can do that to us? Those of you who do this, will be immediately refused with no further communication. Its a sad state of affairs when we have to actually tell adults not to do this when asking to be considered for adoption.

For those of you who really are interested in opening your hearts and homes to a rescue Giant please complete the adoption application and don't be offended when we ask questions or let you know you do not meet our criteria at this time.

If you would like to help support Giant Rescue and this site we greatly appreciate it!


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