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Jasper's Story

Wednesday August 18, 2010 ~ Chapter 4

We've had Jasper two weeks today. He alrady weighs 43.1 pounds as of Monday August 16, 10 and is starting to fill in now. he still has a long way to go and we improve slowly but he is making great progress considering he was about to die when we pulled him from the shelter in Longview.

I don't really have a lot of new schtuff to share about the boy. He is doing well and improving with each day. We love him to pieces and he has really spiced up Land of the Giants since he is feeling better. We let Kennedy play with him inside and under close supervision so he doesn't get hurt. They want to rip and rough house like normal Giants but he is still too fragile for that. It will be another couple months before he can do that I'm thinking.

Here are some pix I took last night of him chilling in the yard before the light rain that lasted 10 seconds.

"I got me a little tummy now, see?"

"Jasper and Kennedy checking pee mail"

Still super skinny but he is filling in now. His body isn't as starved and he has kinda reached a plateau so time to up his groceries to 9 cups a day for a while.

Those are all sores and peeling skin places on his skin. I betcha this whole dog's skin peels before we see a healthy coat.

"git dat fing outta my face!"


Very happy to see hair is actually growing in on his legs where they were so raw and infected!

Saturday August 21, 2010 ~ Chapter 4

( sorry for the blurry shots, Kennedy took my knee out again)

Beginning to see his ribs fill in more and more each day. We can still feel his ribs but they don't show nearly as badly as they did.

His skin is like this all over under the dead hair and the new hair coming in.

The most amazing transformation is his front legs are straightening out! If this isn't the most telling proof that FEEDING AN ANIMAL ON A DAILY BASIS is all his previous owners had to do, I don't know what is! They chose to STARVE this puppy.

He loves to lay and roll in the grass.

Jasper and Kennedy playing

Jasper's pasterns (wrists) have almost completely straightened simply the result of proper daily feeding and nutrition. We believe he stayed alive by eating dirt and sticks now that we've seen him in our yard. He eats them like eating a meal...not like a puppy chewing on sticks...he does that too and it is not the samething.

He has gained a whole inch by feeding him several times a day for the last 17 days. Food....whoda thunk it? Geee, feed an animal and they, what a concept. Obviously one that requires far more intelligence than his previous owners were capable of exhibiting.

Joe decided to get in on the action this morning. He will be 13 next month!

To show the stark contrast of how close this puppy was to total starvation just 17 days ago simply because his previous owners chose not to feed him shows most in his front legs and his waist.

Originally I thought he was deformed as a result of being in a crate too small. But this miracle has happened with his front legs. Simply by feeding this puppy every day his legs are straightening out! Soooooooo, his collapsed pasterns were a result of the cartilage and ligaments had absolutely nothing to hold them in place to hold the legs up due to malnutrition.

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