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Jasper's Story

Thursday August 12, 2010 ~ Chapter 3

The boy came bounding out of his soft crate by our bed this morning like a wind up toy. Mouthing off at Kennedy and leading the way through the house to the back door for his morning business trip in the backyard. He has the "tee tee" thing down pat now, yippppeeee! He's still learning what "go potty" means. He's not pooped on command or on lead yet, this one might take while. That's fine, I have all the time in the world.

The big events of the day are he is now eating out of a bowl as of today for the three main meals of the day! He is getting two cups each meal and yes, this is measured so I can monitor how much for when I need to make adjustments. Most adult male Giants eat 3-4 cups of food a day, split into two feedings to avoid bloat. Growing puppies food intake changes and has to be adjusted as they grow.

Jasper has been eating 6 - 8 cups a day to give you an idea. It takes a while to feed him this much food from a spoon through out the day. He loves his groceries so getting him to eat is not a problem. I discovered he can sit up on his butt now like a circus dog, lol. I guess I didn't get the spoon in his mouth fast enough so he met me half way!

It is just so hard to comprehend how this baby puppy was just left to starve to death. I guess his will to live was stronger than their patience. Had they waited another 24 - 48 hours I believe he would have been gone. All I've done is feed this dog. I know I keep saying this but the point is food could have prevented this. How do you have a dog and not feed or water him/her?

The instant I started feeding this puppy his body starting absorbing the food as fast as I was feeding. It's really been a very sobering experience to know he is simply a victim of starvation. True starvation, where your body starts to use itself to survive. It just breaks my heart and makes me want to do harm to who ever his idiot previous owners were. I better never meet them in person.

And my other question is about this wonderful felony law we (Texans) fought and petitioned so hard for a few years ago. Gov. Perry even came to Dallas to sign it into effect. What damn good does it do if they don't enforce it? I think when an animal is turned into the shelter in this condition by the owner, the owner needs to be arrested right on the spot. Then send a team to their residence to make sure there are no other animals in this condition. We have laws folks...lets actually use them and arrest people who do this, file cruelty charges and put them away.I wouldn't have fought so hard to get it passed if I had known the animal agencies weren't going to step up. If these laws were taken seriously and enforced we wouldn't have a need for rescue and we wouldn't have any more animals like Jasper having such horrific cruelty inflicted upon them, simply by not being fed.

"See my shiney, clear eyes? I can see you in your face now."

"Going to work wif mom is hard work for a Working dog!"

Hips aren't quite as prominent now."

He really likes chillin in the grass in the evenings while we putter around the yard.

Saturday August 14, 2010 ~ Chapter 3

Jasper is really starting to look and act like a normal GS puppy now. I took these pix this morning after his morning business trip. He and Kennedy decided to have a "room zoom" session when they came in front outside. OMG, I forgot how dangerous it is to have two Giants rough housing through the house at warp speed, ack! Especially when I am on crutches half the time, lol.

Deja doo doo....I've been here before.

"ok, Kindadee....if you bring it, you better be able to take it! I'm getting stronger by the day now!"

"Kennedy...don't put his whole head in your mouth."

Had to take his collar off because Kennedy was trying to drag him by it. Don't need a collapsed trachea after all we've been through now, lol. Better safe than sorry.

Jasper is now eating from a bowl, not horking it all down at once so I am really happy about THAT! He is getting 2 cups of raw 4 times a day. I'll closely monitor his weight, growth and muscle development now. We're outta the woods now so I can begin to figure out just how much he needs to grow at a normal rate for a GS pupster his age and size.

My plan now is to continue as I am then do another blood panel week after next to see where we are with everything. Outside is coming along fine but I still want to monitor organs and inside too. He was so compromised and so close to death I need to know everything inside is where it should be value wise.

I have mole foam so I think I am going to glue his ears up too. The crop isn't that bad but they are sinking at the base. Someone went to the trouble to have him docked and cropped and they are up. They just sink so I'm pretty sure I can fix that if I can find the Skin Bond glue again. I thought I read where they stopped making it.

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