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Jasper's Story

Thursday August 5, 2010 ~ Chapter 2

First Vet Visit to see Dr. Ann Frazier

My guess on the weight was spot on, 31.1 pounds. We listend to his heart and lungs and checked his temp, 101.3 (normal) Doc Frazier sez so far Jasper is the result of total malnutrition. He does have hook worms but the deformed legs are malnutrition or from living in a crate too small.Same as I thought.... His WBC is in the 17,000's, RBC is low but is making new cells, yea! Does have demodectic mange and nothing on the skin flouresced, double yea!! HW neg and thyroid neg. He should be neg on both of this but since he is so compromised I wanted them checked anyway.

Jasper set up in the bathroom at school so he can rest quietly and privately, be close to me and isolated from the other dogs.

So skinny and still pretty weak but strong enough to follow Brent to feed the chooks. I hope he makes it through the night.

Friday August 6, 2010

I can already see a tiny diff in the skin over his loin where his tiny tummy is starting to maintain a tiny pudge.

We really have a long, long way to go to get this boy healthy and robust.

Saturday August 7, 2010

I've been so wrapped up in feeding this boy and putting a diet together to beef him up over time I hadn't even noticed Brent's observation that he appears to be a B/S GS instead of a P/S GS. B/S = Black and Silver, P/S = Pepper/Salt. Kennedy is a P/S and you can see a major diff in coats.

HUGE progress already!! Notice his kneeds are in a real sitting position now with a little something in his tummy. When he sat two days ago, they criss crossed. Nothing to hold them apart.

Painful little eyes and crusty muzzle with no hair on it. He is a serious little guy. I hope we get to see a happy face in the not too distant future.

Such deformed front legs. Pasterns are weak and fallen and his elbows are way out.

He is so skinny he looks dead when he lays on his side. I think he really enjoyed the cool grass on his skin for a change.

Feeling a little stronger so he decided to wander around the yard and check out more schtuff.

Jasper really seems to be cold even though he is very hot to touch.

August 8, 2010 Sunday

Wow, we woke up to a perky puppy this morning! I can even tell a difference in his weight and side view now. Amazing what eating everyday does for a dog,huh!

I can already see a bit of covering over his ribs too.

A day in the life starts with getting his sweater off (so he doesn't get cold in our bedroom) getting him outside with the other two for their morning business trip. He is very consistent about going out and understands the "tee tee" outside now. Not quite on command but almost. Next I have to teach him to go on lead, not so easy.

He knows his name and knows "sit", "forward" and "backward" and dog language calming signals, yes! ("On Talking Terms with Dogs" by Turid Rugaas, excellent book) He is a very bright boy inspite of his physical challenges. I want to use the food as a training tool so this makes training this boy easy. He will work for food, lol. It's a positive thing for him and nothing but praise so he learns AND gets some excellent groceries all at the same time as a treat! No time like the present to teach him how we do things around here and how to be a good boy with manners. He doesn't know a single thing, no fault of his own.

Monday August 9, 2010

Stopped by the vet to weigh the boy and he has gained 5 pounds and is now up to 36.1 pounds from 31.1 last thursday. Wow, what a concept...feed an animal and they live and gain weight! He is has gained a pound a day.I just can't get over how much diff food can make. The previous owners clearly did not feed this dog at all for many, many weeks. Deliberate abuse, they need to be punished behind bars.

Annnnnnnnnd now we know what they meant when they said, "he likes cats." He likes them as in his next meal! The little toot shoved right past my legs onto our front porch and grabbed one of the feral cats by the leg. Haven't seen TG again but hopefully he didn't hurt him. We are going to have to teach this boy not to kill the feral kitties on the front porch, they are the neighborhood snake and rodent control system.

How I am feeding this emaciated puppy is literally one bite of raw meat food at a time. I use an iced tea spoon. He sits and I feed him. This way he won't gulp food and take in too much air and bloat. That is the last thing that needs to happen, it would kill him for sure. His body couldn't handle torsion right now so I will continue to spoon feed one bite at a time until he has learned to eat without gulping. He has to gain a lot more weight before I can train him to eat from the bowl.And he is doing some "resource guarding" so we are also working on that.

How we got this far actually started last Wednesday at the shelter. I sent a handful of soft food balls of Biljac with Brent to the shelter so he would have a "bribe" even though it is food. Jasper wasn't sure at first but they coaxed him to the car with the food balls and he ate them in the car. This put a tiny something (maybe half a cup) in his stomach for the ride home, and it also began the process of stretching his stomach to receive more food. 3 hour car ride then I fed him the same amount again when they arrived.

We fed him nothing but grape size fresh Biljac balls a couple more times on Wed then that was it until the next day. Trying to slowly but consistently stretch his little stomach.

Thursday August 5, 10 I increased the amount of Biljac one ball at a time each feeding through out the day. Jasper got a wiff of the fresh raw beef Bravo food I feed Joe and Kennedy and was very interested in that smell! I gave him about 4 small spoonfuls of that and hoped for the best for no accidents in the night.

Friday August 6, 10..the little guy didn't want anything but the Bravo so he has been eating nothing but that ever since. Turned his nose up at the Biljac and only wants the Bravo! It's like his body knows what it needs so that is what he eats. Just discovered her really LOVES flour tortillas, go figure. And cheese. That is all he will eat other than the raw food.

He has put on 5 pounds and eats approx 6 - 8 cups of food a day now. One spoon bite at a time. I COULD put a bowl down but I won't risk him scarfing food down to fast and causing bloat or over eating. This is a delicate situation that takes time. He is a great eater and definitely likes his groceries and we have all the time in the world to nurse this baby to as full a recovery as he can make.

He does this urking up water thing on occasion. I think his tummy might be too full. it iis hard to judge this exactly. I'm just going by what it feels like he when he eats and when it feels full.

August 10, 2010 Tuesday

Wow, it's so neat to watch this little dude begin to transform into something that resembles a live animal! He has a little more spring in his step and he FINALLY got the hang of peeing on lead, yea! It's the little hurdles that make ya do the happy dance sometimes, lol! Going on command and on lead are essential to quickly house training a puppy.

I think I am going to start feeding him from a bowl this weekend. He really just takes everything in stride and is a pretty layed back puppy. I'm thinking we might be seeing the beginning of a little personality emerge. Up until today, I think all he has thought about is food and staying alive. Ok, bed....more pix tomorrow. I think you all will be surprised at his progress!

August 11, 2010 Wednesday

News team begged off via email yesterday. Said "they could not afford the gas for the news team to come to Dallas." What that actually translates too is, "this is just a dog" and therefore not worth the trip." Big surprise,nuff said.

Jasper got a bath in Pyoben shampoo today at work. I wanted to see how much of the scabby crap I could wash off his face. Normally we use a small flea comb to remove eye boogers and schtuff on dog faces, but his skin is still to tender so a soft wash cloth or my finger tip will do the job. He really enjoyed the bath and didn't mind the big blaster dryer at all.

These pix of his facial structure make me think of a Doberman. I've been thinking he reminds of something else physically too. Be interesting to see what he looks like when he is filled out and healthy.

Ok, this is almost Dane looking

Still some sores and scabs on this side of his face. This was the worst side to begin with.

Dobie shaped or Dane shaped? Just wondering as he starts to change appearance on a daily basis now.

Hardly any scabs or krud on this side.

This really looks like a Dobe to me. Doesn't matter what he is, he is a love and starting to play a little bit. I can't wait to see him really play like a healthy dog. Kennedy can't wait either as he is way too fragile right now.

I weighed the boy again today and he weighed 41.1! Wow, 5 pounds in two days is too much too fast. I'm going to back off the amount just a tad....I think. That is exactly 10 pounds in 7 days. He has been with us one week today! I'm not sure about the weight gain now that I am beginning to see his bone structure and head shape. I really am thinking there might be a DObe or maybe even a Dane in the wood pile. His legs and movement have reminded me of Dane from the first time I saw him in my front yard. Idk. We'll just see when we see, lol.

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