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Jasper's Story

August 3, 2010
I arrived home from school to about 60 emails regarding a starving Giant puppy in the Longview shelter on Tue August 3,10. All containing photos of an obvious GS puppy in horrific condition. One of the emails was from the shelter itself asking for rescue to step in. I immediately left a number of VM's at the shelter and emailed the shelter to let them know my SO would make the 3 hour drive the next day on Wednesday August 4, 10 to pick him up.

I tried to warn Brent about how bad this would be as this is his first "rescue run." This also happens to be my worst case ever in the all the years I've been doing this, simply because this is a BABY puppy who is way too young to know this kind of cruelty and abuse. Just left to fend for himself, left to die. Someone made a conscious decision to NOT feed this puppy! It was a deliberate action that should be punished to the fullest extent by our felony animal abuse laws here in TX.

Jasper was OS ( "owner surrender" in shelter/rescue lingo ) in Longview, TX on Saturday, July 21, 2010. This means that this puppy was OWNED and someone's PET in this horrific condition! They chose to not feed this puppy. They chose to not medicate mange, they chose to not address his severely dropped pasterns in his front legs, or worse CAUSED the severly deformed front legs by making him live in a crate way too small for a rapidly growing puppy his size. Folks, Giant Schnauzer puppies grow an average of 3 - 5 pounds a week at this age.

These pix are hard to VIEW but this is the reality of what happens to millions of dogs and cats each and every year in this country. You need to be aware so you can help support rescue and stop this kind of thing from happening in this country.Educate yourselves about animal abuse and do something about it!

Jasper is a very sick, puppy dog but has a curious spirit and will to live so we're going for it. He is no doubt my worst case yet! simply because he is a BABY puppy! This dog has not eaten in weeks...he is only WEEKS old! WTF is wrong with people? How is this ok????

August 4, 2010 ~ Chapter 1

Stinky, matted to the skin, covered in mange on his face with open wounds

No hair from scratching his itchy mange and fleas.

Crusty, raw skin on his muzzle and sores around his eyes, ouch!

This side is really raw. His whole cheek is a raw open sore.

Huge callouses on his hocks. Probably from being crammed in a crate too small.

Seriously deformed front legs. He has badly fallen pasterns and very splayed feet. This puppy looks like he has been forced to live in a crate way too small to produce these issues with the front legs and hocks.

Major calouses on his hocks only a very senior dogs has.

Aerial shot of his prtruding left hip right over his waist.

Very slow going with the clipper as it is impossible to find a flat surface to clipper on. Rolling skin over bones makes this very dangerous. It is very easy to cut the dog so it is truly more by feel that anything else. That and understanding canine anatomy!

He is severely emaciated and has no hair over Legs and underneath. He has raw open skin and mange that no dog should have to deal with, certainly not a 4 month old BABY!. He is very lethargic but has an appetite and is alert. He is as alert as a weak starving animal can be. He can barely support his own weight. Brent held him up for me while I shaved him with a #7F as much as I could due to the terribly fragile and loose skin I had to use a #10 in a lot of places to cut through the dead scabs and gunk all over the little guy's body under the matts. The nasty, matted, filthy, stinking schtuff is off. He is clean and smells like someone loves him now, yea!

This puppy cannot weigh more than 30 pounds...if that. Some simply did not feed this dog! How can you have an animal and not feed it every day?????? How is this ok??? How do you CHOOSE to stop feeding a dog????

Looking down over his waist from above.

Jasper should look like Kennedy!

Every single bone in his body shows! His head is so caved in under that hair. I left the hair to give him a little dignity.

Joe Cool, 13....Jasper, 4 months....Kennedy. 3 years

Really stinky face, dead smelling around his eyes,I hope that skin can heal. I hope his eyes are going to be ok. They look so sore and are so goopy.

His concave waist is 2 3/4 inches....literally skin over bone.He is so weak he can barely hold himself up.

We have an 8:30 vet appointment in the morning to find out if this little guy is even going to live. He is so weak and so fragile. We are prepared for the worst.

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