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Jasper's Story

Monday, November 8,2010 Day 96

I had to build a heavy duty coop for my hens for obvious reasons. Jasper and Kennedy meeting the hens up close and personal for the first time.

He looks enormous in this pic. he is about 26.5 I am guessing. Kennedy is 24" and he is taller than she is now by a bit. But he is not enormous. He does have enormous bone and feet though.

Yo! I'm 8 months old now and a happy, healthy boy!

His coat of many colors continues to change weekly.

His snarly face he does when he is chirping at Kennedy in a real high puppy voice asking her to play.

Did someone say, "groceries?"

"Yep, she said groceries"

Jasper and Kennedy killing the giant stick

Jasper helping me build my new chicken coop

Chillin on my patio enjoying this lovely fall day here in Land of the Giants.

Jasper has maintained at 65 pounds for a couple weeks now. He's a normal, happy, healthy puppy who loves to play and be loved on. You would never know this is the same starved pup that weighed 31 pounds 12 weeks ago to see him now. He is a fine, strapping, youngster with the best temperment anyone could ask for.

He loves to hug with his front feet on your shoulders while slurping on your face with his tongue, lol. He is a real lover boy and has yet to meet a stranger. He and Kennedy are best friends and play constantly.

The most interesting thing with this boy is obviously his coat. He still looks like, acts like, smells like a Giant, lol. The general concensus is the funky color is from his damaged skin and will go away eventually. We'll see. He certainly has B/S points but all the tan/red/brown running through the coat is a mystery. Not to mention the blue merle type markings. Airedale or damage? Catahoula or damage? Breeder mixing colors? Time will tell. We don't care what color he is. We're just happy and blessed to have him as part of our family! But it is fun to guess what he is going to look like as he changes.

I am teaching him basic commands with accompanying hand signals and the little sucker learns them in about 3 tries. He likes to learn and comes to ask to do stuff so that is very kewl!

October 4, 2011

Jump ahead to almost a year later from the last entry above..... Jasper is a big strong healthy farm dog now. SInce we brought this special boy into our lives we've moved to five secluded acres in the middle of NE TX! Finally out of the city, sorry was fun but adios city life, lol. We've also adopted two 23 year old retired Arabian race horses, added 2 more horses who belong to a friend, several more chickens and 12 guinea birds.

Jasper working hard watching the horses.

Kennedy and Jasper chillin

Jasper going to meet Disco the Paint and Presley the Quarter Appendix

Mz Benz, Kennedy and Jasper

Jasper is a lucky boy and we are lucky to have him in our lives. Happy ending for all.

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