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Jasper's Story

October 12,2010 Tuesday Day 69

Jasper has a clean bill of health from our awesome vet, Dr. Ann Fraser, as of this afternoon when I stopped by to weigh him. He weighs 65 pounds and no longer has ringworm! He is no longer contagious so I can start taking him places to meet people and learn some manners, yea! He is still on cephalexan until the end of next wek or so and ivermectin for the mange.

I took him to work with me today so he could have a hair cut and a bath and hang out with us and learn new stuff. He truly has a coat of many color as you will see from these pix I took after his hair cut today. Funkiest coat I have evah seen, lol!

Best friends, Kennedy and Jasper

they roll and play

and roll and play


I'm a happy boy

maybe she won't see me chewing on my foot.

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