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Jasper's Story

September 23,2010 Thursday Day 48

Yesterday he gave us a scare with pretty consistent vomiting and diarrhea throughout the day. I was at school so I went ahead and told Brent to withhold his lunch groceries and keep close watch until I get home. He was also tanking on water which he normally does not do. The good thing about that is he was staying hydrated. The bad thing is it could be a number of organ issues. I was thinking pancreas last night as I was doing loads of towels and dog beds until late. This morning we woke up to a more active , happy boy. "He's baaaaaaack" as they say, lol. He and Kennedy have been ripping through the house moving furniture, jumping over furniture, jumping over us...ok...the boy is fine We took him to our wonderful vet this morning and he now weighs 60 pounds! That is 30 pounds in 48 days!

His ringworm is still rampant, ugh. Better than it was when Doc saw him a month ago, but far from gone. We are into the second month of the grifulvin meds for the r/w now. She's thinking we may need to increase the dosage since he has added 30 pounds since the originial rx a month ago.

She scraped his body, face, feet and butt and said he still has demodectic mange and r/w. I was surprised to hear he still has demodex, ugh. She is calling a dermatologist to find out what else we can do and what meds can be used with the grifulvin he is on for the ringworm. As you can see, we still have a ways to go. I knew this was going to be a few months before we get this boy operating at 100% but I am impatient, I want him well! We're at 70 - 75 % I would say so that's a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time for some things.

Doc sent us home with some flagyl,some Proviable and some ID. Last night I cooked rice and mixed with cottage cheese and he spit that out with a vengence. I prefer to do rice or pasta over ID but sometimes ID comes in handy.Of course, he LOVED the ID, lol.

I should have the blood panel and the dermatologist info tomorrow sometime, or Sat morning at the latest. Once he is well, I will be de-toxifying his little system to get rid of all these toxic drugs we're having to use to fix him now.

Jasper's face this evening without all the goopy gel spray layered on. You can see how bald and inflamed it is around his eyes still.

ringworm in his pads really bothers him and makes him growl at his feet then cry. He hasn't really itched or gone after himself at all until the outbreak on his feet. He holds his left front paw up and whines so we spray it and try to distract him with something else. Not working, it hurts and he doesn't like it.

back left pad is the worst. Really hot to touch and inflamed and sore. He's really being a trooper but I know this hurts and he is NOT happy about it.

coat of many colors.

Playing chicken with Kennedy. They are so funny, they stand and stare at each other from about 30 paces then one of them springs into the rips and it is get out of the way or get mowed down, lol.

Jasper and Kennedy catching their breath after a good 10 minute rip session. Inspite of his sore, painful feet, he stills loves his ripping and playing chase with Kennedy.

I'll update again tomorrow or Sat after I hear from Doc.

September 25,2010 Saturday Day 50

Ok....the blood work has all improved except for protein which is still high and he is still a wee bit anemic. The big thing is the scrapings of the skin. He still has generalized mange (all over) and he still ringworm fungus all over. After my wonderful vet consulted with a dermatologist we now have him on an aggressive med protocol to try and kill these nasty cooties. He was on Pro-viable for three days to replace the good bacteria in his tummy after his 24 hour bug along flagyl since Thursday. Doc wanted him a bland diet as usual for this kind of thing so I cooked some rice, added some cottage cheese to feed him for a couple days to ease him back to his regular raw meat diet. He hated the rice and cottage cheese, lol. Spit it across the floor, "mom, I feel like crap and you feed me crap?" Wuzup wif dat?"

Of course Joe and Kennedy liked the extra treat on the floor, lol.

We got a couple cans of ID at our vetand of course he LOVEd that tasteless stuff, lol. " are not right in the haid." He ate that with gusto so we were back in bidness.

Friday he sprang out of the soft crate he sleeps in and was ready for groceries. "He's baaaaaaack." I fed him ID with a couple bites of raw hamburger and some rice and he scarfed it all up and asked for more.

Friday Doc called me to talk about the new med protocol and what we are looking at with the cooties now. He is now going to be on liquid Ivermectin daily for the next few months til the mange is gone. We're starting at .03 cc's and increasing .01 cc a day until we are up to 1.5 cc's which should be his normal dose for the next 2 - 6 months. 6 months? OMG. Normally 2- 4 but this is the worst case my vet has ever seen so she said it could take as long as 6 months. Ok....ugh.... 1500 mg of cephalexan a day for infection from all the sores and scabs that are the ringworm. Flagyl is still being given for a couple more days and the super expensive grifulvin (ringworm medication).

Used the last of the Pro-viable this morning (Saturday) so that just leaves 4 meds til Tue when the flagyl is up. That will leave 3 for as long as it takes. The good news on the ringworm med though is that we are changing to a different med called fluconizole (sp?) as per the dermatologist that is not as expensive as this stuff we have now, yea! It is supposed to work with the antibiotix and ivermec and stronger than the current stuff I think she said. Not only is the boy MY worst case ever, he is my most expensive ever too....and he hasn't even had ortho surgery or ANY kind of surgery, lol. Once he is well we still have to get the balance of his vax and get him neutered. That is not even counting Kennedy, Joe, me and Brent if we get ringworm. Pretty sure Kennedy and I are having an outbreak today. She is itching like crazy now and my hands are itching, itching, itching. I'm calling Doc back on Monday to get Kennedy in next week. Ugh. At least we can nip it in the bud with her with the Ivermectin before it gets outta hand like the Puppy Boy. Joe will be hard to tell because he is itchy anyway this time of year with his allergies. I'm just gonna treat both big kids to be sure.

My first concern was to get him stable enough to be able to handle all these meds without crashing. I have no doubt we would have killed him with kindness if we had tried to treat all of this aggressively early on. He seems to be doing fine so far. Doc said to stop all meds and call her if anything is out of the ordinary or he has a GI upset. So far, so good. Keep fingers crossed he can handle it cause I am sick of these nasty cooties on my boy!

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