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Jasper's Story

September 11,2010 Saturday Day 38

Wanted to get these pix with him wet so I/we/you can really see what he is still battling on a big scale under the coat. It's gross and it seems to be painful around his eyes.

He lets me put stuff on it but he doesn't like it and it takes Brent and I both to hold him so I can slather. He doesn't mind the canker powder I was using but we need to do something else now. This isn't clearing up fast enough to suit my tastes. I know it bothers him so I want to get it healed as quickly as I can.

More ringworm up and down his back.

See the angry, raised, little red whelts under the skin? He is covered in those still. The coat over the skin is deceiving because it looks like he is healthy but he still has a ways to go. He IS way healtier than he was but I'm getting impatient now. I want him to be 100% so he doesn't feel hot and itchy and sore anymore. He's such a great dog and we love him to pieces! NO animal should have to go through what this puppy has been through.

"Me and my dad are mowing da yard. I follow behind him because that's my job. I'm a herder you know. I need to keep an eye on my flock of one right now. And yes, I got da big bohee cone now."

Discovered a neat new gel spray med called Vetericyn at the feed store yesterday when buying pellets and scratch for our 3 hens. It is non-toxic and can be used on dogs, caats, horses, birds, people and is a wound, bacteria, infection healer. The groomer at the store said she uses it if someone gets to close on the skin and it IMMEDIATELY pulls the red out of the skin and heals the spot with a gel covering. It can be used around the eyes and says it is for ringworm. They do have a web site, go read about it if you have pets or work around animals you will want some of this on hand!

I'm thinking it will feel good on Jasper's places because it is nice and cool, right? I spritzed his back first and that little toot shot away from me like a bull outta the shoot! Hummmmmm,"Honey....I need your help please. we might have a problem getting this on Jasper's face." "sure, honey, I can hold him for you", Brent says. We're stting facing each other with Jasper between us and Brent is holding his head....sorta. Jasper is having no part of this and we are really struggling trying to hang on to the scare crow, lol. Score: puppy = 1, humans = 0! (hate when that happens but don't tell the puppy)

Plan 2...the humans win....sorta, lol. I spritzed the gel in my hand then slathered it on his eyes and head and cheeks. Not as thoroughly as I would have liked but good enough for the first application. The stuff feels good on my skin. He just doesn't like the spritz on the face. I'm good with that, makes sense.

This is Jasper's eyes, face and skin Saturday night before the Vetericyn gel spray. Harsh, isn't it? It hurts him and he is miserable right now. This is what ringworm looks like up close and personal, folks. I've never seen it this bad so this is a first for me. It's a nasty fungus for sure and slow as hell to heal. Jasper whines and moans when it bothers him. It makes us feel so badly for him, it's so sad. Keep in mind he was totally covered in this crap when we first got him so at least we are down to less than half his body coverage now! This is nasty schtuff.

Saturday night, day 38. See how swollen and split his skin around the eyes are? Same on his nose and still partially on each cheek.

Saturday night, day 38. See his cute little "soul patch?" We're thinking we might keep it like that and let it get longer, lol. He's a cool dude ya know!

September 14,2010 Tuesday Day 41

I can actually tell a significance diff on the skin around his eyes after using the Vetericyn 2-3 times a day. I'm excited, this gel just maybe the answer to the ringworm crud on his skin. I know the grifulvin oral med he takes twice a day (2 months) will kill the fungus from the inside out. But, I want the nasty stuff off his face so we can kiss his face and so he doesn't hurt.

Two days of using the Vetericyn on Jasper's ringworm and I can tell a difference! It doesn't look as inflamed, swelling has gone down and the open places are better.

His right eye is in better shape than the left one right now. You can see the giant circle around the eye socket the fungs makes. I guess this is why they call it ringworm...

His nose really does look better. It's still pretty nasty but in person it has improved some since using the gel schtuff.

I can see a diff in these areas too since using the gel.

There is a big difference in the pix at the top of the page a few days ago and today's pix regarding the painful ringworm on his face. I hope this gel will get rid of the stuff on his face around his eyes quickly. I can see where things could go south in a hurry with the skin around his eyes. Nasty stuff, yuck.

Hopefully the next pix of his face will show even more progress. The hardest part of all of this is keeping Kennedy off of his face and sores. She wants to lick and heal them. She is OCD about wanting to lick his face so we have to be vigilant to stop it so the gel can heal the skin.

Tri-color legs now. The ever evolving legs. Jasper and his amazing technicolor legs, lol!

Here is a close up of the coloring on his legs now. The tan is a bit darker in person and has texture to it. I am beginning to see more of this tan on his butt now too.

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