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Jasper's Story

September 6 Monday, Labor Day, 2010 Day 33

Just had dinner and a bath. No hair cut, the scabs need the protection of the hair so no hair cut for a bit longer. Kennedy is out of shape.... not for long though. Jasper has the desire, he just isn't anywhere near as strong as she is. She is like a bull out of the shoot so outdoor play is very protected with both Brent and I out there so she doesn't mow him down and break him.

He always has grass stuck in his hair. Some of this is the unhealthy hair he came with which is very cottony. The newer coat coming in has more texture. The areas with the reddish/brown fuzzy coat are what was under scabs the first hair cut I gave him. Next hair cut will be when the scabs and sores are all gone.

He flies through the air because he is "Puppy Boy, da da da da da da!" revealing his super powers to Kennedy in bits and pieces as he grows stronger each day.

We let him take it to her as much as he wants under our supervision so they can learn each others boundaries. Kennedy wants to play very hard with him so she has to learn when to stop or ease up a bit.

Even though he is no where nearly as strong or solid as Kennedy, he is not afraid of her at all. He stands his ground like a big dog.

Blurry, blurry, blurry but so cute.

He reminds me of a gazelle.!

Kennedy is out of shape, he isn't even winded, lol.

I'm a tracking dog!

As you can see, Jasper is still putting on weight and growing muscle and filling in. He is also still fighting the awful skin issues on his face, head, back and ears...but it is getting better. It is just really slow going. Not sure what his wieght is right now. I know he is over 50. I probably won't weigh him until we go back for vaccinations next week. He is just a normal puppy other than the sores on his skin itching and scabbing. It's nasty but it is getting better. I will be so thankful when this schtuff is gone. It's nasty and looks painful around his eyes.

We originally thought he was a Black/Silver but the hair on the front of his legs is tan in color. It is also tan on his face. His chest, inside his ears and under his tail is white. Be interesting to see if he is a B/s or a B/T. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we are loving this little guy and having so much fun with him. He is such a happy little clown.

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