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Jasper's Story

Instead of chapters, I think it is more poingnant to update Jasper's progress by how many days it has taken (and will take) to see this boy to a proper healthy weight and total health. This is day 20 since we pulled Jasper from the shelter. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and he has improved by leaps and bounds. Simply by slowly giving this boy a healthy diet of raw meat and vitamins and supplements to boost his immune system we have an almost normal looking puppy again. We are treating the ringworm all over his face (which I now have) and mange all over everywhere is really disappearing, yea!

August 24, 2010 Day 20

Almost all the hair has grown back in on his throat, yea!!

More scabs and sores surfacing from under the hair. Still yucky in a lot of places but it doesn't really seem to bother him at all. The only place he has scratched is his left cheek this afternoon.

That sore is leftovers from the mange/ringworm. Its itching because it WAS healing. He will be wearing his cape unless he is in a crate now so his foot can't hit the cheek until this is healed.

Right side is almost healed from the mange and r/w. He is growing hair there too. The skin around his eyes is still weepy and fairly fragile. I have to be very careful when wiping his eyes so the skin doesn't bleed.

Started an extra meal per day of a few "Satin Balls" and boy what a difference it has made. This is his third day of 5 avocado sized balls and it is all going to making more muscle now.

"Alright, NOT get your head stuck in there!"

See how nicely the hair is coming in on his legs again? Remember, they were raw and the skin was purple the day we brought him home.

And this is what we call MUSCLE! You most all dogs who eat on a daily basis have??? Yep, this is what happens when you feed a dog on a daily basis!

DUDE!! Get your head outta at THAT hole too.!"

The caped Giant super hero, Puppy Boy (aka Jasper), sleeps to restore his super playing powers so he can rip with the Baby Dog (aka Kennedy).

We have another vet visit Thursday morning before work at 8:30 to do another blood work up and weigh the boy and whatever else she thinks we need to do.

August 26, 2010 Day 22

Jasper got a good report at the vet this morning. He is up to 48.4 lbs now. That boils down to 17 pounds in 22 days. Amazing what regular feeding does, huh! His skin is still a wreck but improving. He got a rabies vax today and we'll go back in a month or so. I wanted to wait until then to do another blood panel. He is obviously making improvements each day so I'd rather wait until he is in better shape and holding to ck again.

His face and head are sloughing now so he really looks awful around the eyes. Florence Nightenschnauzer is really mothering him and wants to lick and clean all his wounds. She pins him down like a mother holding a baby down to clean faces and butts. It's so cute but it really pisses him off sometimes.

The plan is to go back in a couple week and start the balance of shots, then another 2 weeks and lepto as a stand alone, then another 2 weeks and the rest of the vax. Then we'll think about neutering the boy. I want him totally healthy and holding I even think about putting him under. I want a solid immune system before we do that. We WILL do that but his overall health and immune system come first in this case.

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